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Why women cheat ?


Why women cheat ?

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Why women cheat ?


Here is another awkward conversation to have and I can already imagine the faces of men wincing as they are about to start reading this article.  Desperately hoping with a grimace that nothing in the discussion below will apply to them.

Why ? 

Because for men to visualise their women having sex with another is nothing short of horrendous. Men already have a hard time accepting that their women have a sexual history. Let alone being “betrayed” and deceived while they are together.

That sexual history is not as easy to clear as your Chrome history.  Nope.  It takes a whole lot to rid oneself of those images. I wrote an article to enumerate reasons why men cheat.  It is only normal to write an article about why women cheat. 

Some pills are going to be tough to swallow but men,  we gotta know more in order to prevent this kind of behaviour from our women. There won’t be as many reasons as for men though. 
Many of the reasons why men cheat could easily apply to women as well, to a lesser extent.  Men and and women are wired differently, and men to this day tend to cheat significantly more than women.

One of the main reason your women is cheating is a lack of showing up as a Man. Some of you men might have heard this or a similar version of this statement. What it basically means is that you are not acting up as a man anymore. 

You have an essence that makes you a man. I’ll give you a few examples to illustrate my point.

If you used to be so driven and passionate about something, a project, a purpose and now you’re just as flaccid as a non erected penis, well you can imagine that is not very attractive, to say the least.

You were once ambitious, resilient and ready to conquer the world and now you’re just sitting on the couch with the remote in your hand watching tv as the world go by. 
You have lost your masculine energy. Another example that comes to mind. You used to stand up for yourself and did not yield to her shit test and her whims.  Then you got subdued,  almost kowtowing to her every wishes, desires and opinions.

Now you are just deferring to her obsequiously and she can’t see you as someone who would take her and ravage her lady parts anymore. Another main reason for her to cheat is that you have not given the attention a women craves.

If you have stopped behaving like you once did and took the intimacy you had for granted, chances are, your women will want to check if the grass is greener elsewhere.

I feel for you men. I understand that it gets tiring at times to give attention to women and make them feel beautiful and desired but it is an essential part of a healthy relationship. And part of what makes a man attractive to his woman. 
A lot of men are shocked when they learn that their women are cheating on them or are simply leaving them. Being in a relationship is always work-in-progress, it is never a done thing. Like any successful endeavour there should be discipline and consistency.

Women are not as visual and are attracted to things that are intangible, like the energy you give out in the world. Your drive. The way you look at her. The way you touch her. The way you make her feel as a WOMAN. 
How passionate you are about her and yes women can cheat on you for the same trivial reasons men cheat on women. (Check my article on men for reference.)

 For most men who are in healthy relationships and their women have no antecedents of cheating, you’re most likely the one who fucked up if your woman starts to cheat on you.

It hurts to hear but it is true nonetheless. It happened to me before, when I was on the brink of having a former paramour cheat on me, so I can understand the circumstances pretty well.

I knew the reasons why and I knew it to be essentially my fault.  It is true that a lot of women are too demanding and some of them might leave you and/or cheat on you for petty reasons.

It is only fair to you men and to you women as well, to say that it is not always the case.  I hope you men can understand that when you find yourself with a “wholesome” woman that, you need to show up as a man and make her feel like a woman, so man up!
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Sebastien Grynko

As a meditation teacher, a fitness & and muay thai fanatic/enthusiast with a taste for entrepreneurship. He decided to create a business which can combine all his passions and inspire people all over the world by helping people physically, mentally and spiritually to find their purpose, well-being and health to thrive and contribute to this world.

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