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Best things to do in the morning

  • Sebastien Grynko
Best morning routines ideas (the last one is the best)   What is the first thing most people do when they wake up in the morning ?   Most will probably go for a first trip to the bathroom and do what needs to be done.   Which will be...

The lazy way to visualisation

  • Sebastien Grynko
What is the lazy way to visualise ? Visualisation has a lot of benefits but it can seen as a drag and kind of unnecessary.Well I can attest to the first part but it is not useless and can really be empowering.I would not claim it as a miracle. Some...

Listening is an art

  • Sebastien Grynko
How to truly listenListening, real listening is a skill, we fail to master. We might think it’s just a passive act but it is so much more than that. Plus it is not only limited to our ears. Listening go far beyond just acknowledging sounds.Listening is an art we all need to...

Gaining muscle mass the long and hard way

  • Sebastien Grynko
How I gain muscle the long and hard way without steroids. How you can learn from my mistakes? Like a lot of men, I used to be very, very skinny and I did not like it.    Not one bit... By the time I reached my 22nd birthday, I weighed about...


  • Sebastien Grynko
  I was listening to Jocko Willink’s podcast and there was an article about If, the great poem by Rudyard Kipling.   In this podcast episode, he gave his interpretation of the poem.  I thought I would do something similar since I have always been a great fan of this poem which...

Poor me, lucky them

  • Sebastien Grynko
Remember when you were a kid and your mother didn’t want to spoil you with another toy?  She would tell you how many you had already and it was enough for the moment.Then you expressed your frustration and she would admonished you and say how lucky you were because some...

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Sebastien Grynko

As a meditation teacher, a fitness & and muay thai fanatic/enthusiast with a taste for entrepreneurship. He decided to create a business which can combine all his passions and inspire people all over the world by helping people physically, mentally and spiritually to find their purpose, well-being and health to thrive and contribute to this world.

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